ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group

ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group has taken a lead on working with UK Government on the implementation of the European Fluorinated Gases Regulation which came into force on 4th July 2007  and were revised in 2014.  The original Regulations introduced the requirements for leak checking, labelling, reporting and certification of individuals and companies adn these were further strengthened with phase downs and bans in 2014.  This webpage provides links to guidance, presentations and updates on developments (note - different requirements and specialist qualifications for Mobile Air Conditioning, electrical switchgear and fire supressant applications are in place)

Enforcement and compliance
The Environment Agency Chemical Compliance Team is now responsible for Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas (F-gas) support services related to the F Gas Regulations. They will be monitoring and enforcing compliance using a range of approaches; working to raise awareness across particular industry sectors and using risk-based targeting to check individual companies are operating within the law. If they detect non-compliance at a site that they would not normally inspect, they will work with other enforcing authorities to determine what action is needed and bring the site into compliance. They will also continue enforcing F-gas controls at sites that hold a permit and are already inspected by EA staff.

If you need to report any instances of non-compliance by companies, individuals, end users or websites you can contact the EA direct who wil follow these up.  Staff are also available to answer technical queries related to queries about the Regulations.  Contact   Environmental Agency F Gas Web pages

Presentation on new F Gas requirements from the Environment Agency - November 2014

Presentations from Commission Stakeholder meeting on responses to the Review Consultation - February 2012

ACRIB response to the Consultation - December 2011

Commission Consultation on a review of the F Gas Regulation - September 2011

Compliance and inspection visit case studies - April 2011

Powerpoint presentation on the Review of the Regulation and ACRIB Position paper - September 2010

ACRIB Position paper reviewing the effectiveness of the regulation - July 2010

Frequently Asked Questions for Contractors - updated August 2009

Timetable of Key Dates - updated August 2009

Training and Certification - updated 21st April 2009

Company certification information - updated August 2009

Definitions and glossary - updated April 2008

Leak Check Procedure - updated July 2009

Calculating which regulations apply to your equipment - updated July 2009

Sample System Register - updated July2009

General Guidance on the Regulations - updated June 2009

Mobile Air Conditioning (car) links

General guidance on training and recovery obligations

F Gas Directive specific to motor vehicle air conditioning

Further Guidance 

UK Government has a dedicated website with guidance notes on all aspects of the Regulation and news on F Gas and ODS Regulation developments